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ERP+ consists of set of Apps. Each App has its own functionalities & functions. Each App is a stand alone App and directly connected and integrated real time with other Apps. hereunder is a set of the Apps including short description for each App. You can choose just the Apps fitting you business needs.


This App is responsible for the whole functions related to the employees from adding, editing, searching, reporting, Custom reporting, Building Org. Chart, Manpower, Transferring employees, creating and managing system users and finally in has its own dashboard preconfigured and real time.


This App contains the whole HR activities applied to the staff. This includes Appraisal & KPIs, Training, CV management & recruitment cycle, Company news, staff Surveys, objective management and the dashboard specialized for the attached activities.


This App is responsible for managing the full attendance functions and effects. This includes attendance sheet and fingerprint automatic and real time integration, flexible hours,  full management of Delay, Overtime, Vacations & leaves, mission management, permissions, Reports with Agenda look for the attendance sheet and finally the Dashboards of the app including the real time statistics related to the attendance. 

crm & suppliers

Based on the nature of the business clients & supplier management should be changed. We built this module to dynamically fit your business needs and apply the full customer management and sales process workflow management as well. It facilitates the customers follow up and boost it faster.

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This App is responsible for the whole functions related to the payroll starting from the direct link to the attendance effects, and its relation to the hour rate, amount of delay, overtime, part time treatment, full time auto calculations, Employees loans, Bonus and penalties, Due & cuts, payslip, and payroll detailed reports and analysis.


Accounting is a core app integrated with the whole apps. It is functioning based on most of the data from the other modules. Accounting consists of many modules covering the whole business fields including the following components: General ledger GL, Account Receivable AR, Account payable AP, receipt management, Petty cash, Fixed Assets, Letter of guarantees LG, Budgeting & financial planning, Checks management, Financial Reports and finally a complete real time dashboard for the whole required real time data in an easy and graphical representation to facilitate the decision making.

Project management

Project management App is responsible for managing the projects from adding, Editing, Deleting, Budgeting, Task assignment, Cost distribution, Cost centers treatment, complete Timesheet management, Reports, and finally analysis & Dashboard of the projects status.


ERP+ has it own purchasing application that allows an organization to automate the process of purchasing materials and maintaining an inventory of goods. Purchasing software that lets you optimize your purchasing decisions to improve the efficiency of your inventory is critical to any distribution business.


This App is totally managing the stock & inventory incoming processes and outgoing processes. Besides it covers managing the assets and internal usage of the stock items as well. Stock is not only working as a stand alone system it is totally integrated with the accounting module to affect the AR and AP modules

assets and facility management

ERP+ Asset Management Modules handle tracking assets, including maintenance schedules, compliance and warranty management. Learn the features of asset management software in the ERP+ asset management guide.

System Configuration

This App is not only for the general system configuration it contains a lot of other useful features like notification center (System, SMS and EMail) – System monitoring – Rules and regulations – Robot writer – Mobile App registration – Login authentication – User profiles & privileges. ANd many other useful modules  to facilitate run your business smoothly and automatically.