Business consultancy

We have as set of business experts in many business fields. We can consult you in how to automate your business processes and digitize it in our software solutions and ERP. We have both business and IT part for you. It is not just software or hardware matter, absolutely it is a mix between understanding the business field then business needs and finally translate it to what we call “Gap analysis” to customize your ERP to fit exactly your business need using min resources you already have. We call it “turnkey service” while we take the problem from the roots and build a complete system architecture to solve your problem.

Business analysis & Software Gap analysis

Sometimes some clients need just the first part of the business analysis and building the documentation of the gap analysis of the solution and they implement it.

Business analysis

Startups companies usually need experts and consultants just to guide the company to use correct business processes based on ISO standards. We are offering these services also using our business consultants in all business parts like HR, Accounting, and Finance, IT, Marketing and sales, Stock control, and many other components may be needed for your startups business.