Construction and engineering consultation company with a huge projects managed by the team members. They were looking for a complete solution HR, Time-sheet, Project management and accounting. The most important thing was the integration between the modules. With a headcount of 70 Engineers all are working on the complete system now.


ERP+ also covers School industries HR and payroll is totally managed by ERP+.


"Projects" is one of the biggest real-estate companies developing "Blues Tiffany". ERP+ is organizing the full cycle of the company starting from CRM workflow customized to real-estate processes. This CRM is directly connected to the accounting and contracting module. Besides CRM is organizing also the units availability with its workflow. HR, attendance and payroll are essential modules completing the full company management in single login.


Football training schools also was one of the ERP+ clients. We Tailor the full work flow of this kind of business starting from catching the clients (players) till the accounting and invoicing. The new customized App is connected directly to the core ERP modules.

MEST Stores

HR and Payroll automation was MEST problem.

Holding Company for Water and Wastewater

GPS attendance was the key to solve their attendance queue problem and avoid buying new costly HW and infrastructure to connect multi branch to one system. Now ERP+ is managing HR and integrated with other applications they already have.


Pizza restaurant with a well know brand and headcount exceeding the 1700 staff member distributed in more than 60 branch. The most important problem they are facing is the shifts and payroll calculation for this headcount with different senarios of calc the payroll.


Petrolium Services multi-national comapny. Its origin is in Malysia. ERP+ is managing the full cycle of the HR and payroll as well.


Siemens Egyptian partner ERP+ is managing the whole company processes. HR, Attendance, PM, Stock control, and finance as well.


ERP+ is managing the complete cycle of the time sheet of the projects in RDC.


LEEDS one on the biggest companies in energy systems, electromechanical solutions, and total facility management services. ERP+ is managing the full cycle of the HR and payroll for more than 3,000+ headcount all in one system.


ERP is managing the whole cycles of the HR, Payroll and finance as well. The "+" here is for the VAS business invoicing and CP's treatment.


Real-estate broker agent ERP+ resolves the problem of the full CRM & sales cycle starting from the unit then the sales assignment to the finalization of the sales.



Military Production ministry

Military Production ministry has many branches allover Cairo and the needed to manage the Attendance using the unique function of the GPS attendance ERP+ has.