ERP+ Mobile App configuration

First of all download the mobile App for the store Android or Apple. Then follow the next simple steps:

  • 1. Download Mobile App from the store
  • 2. Open the App will appear the Server Info, the Create User, and Login

  • 3. Server Information :

    - Here you can enter the Info of server of the API that Linked with your ERP system As shown in the example that saved in next times .

    - Note: You will only be required to enter this information once

  • 4.Create login Info :

    - Here for the first time, you can create the user by his Code that must be matched with his code in the ERP system .

    4.1 - Enter the user Code
    4.2 - Enter the Password

    Note: Not require matched the password with ERP user password

  • 5. After Enter all data Click on LOGIN and you will getting this message Waiting for Admin Confirmation