Versions & Updates

Version Date Modules update Version name What's New Description
28-03-2018 Aqaraty V.3281815 Add Master Plan

facilitate order units for sales team

09-01-2018 Attendance V.191810 GPS Report

that report showing employees location on Map who sign by GPS finger

10-04-2018 Accounting,Aqaraty V.4101815 Fixed asset depreciation, Petty cash journal and payments journal ,Master plan Filters

Fixed Asset Depreciation Journal
Edit Petty Cash and Payments Without delete old JL and create new (Update Old JL)
Add FIlter by units to master plan

21-05-2018 CRM,Inventory V.5211816 CRM price list product components, Some updates in sheet like translation, etc.. ,Quotation product Issues

New "Add Component to price list product from stock
Update Some updates in sheets-like translation, etc..
Update Fixed Quotation product Issues

12-06-2018 Payroll ,CRM V.6121812 Payroll profile issue ,Last update of lead requests

Payroll profile issue fixing
Add last update date and by who